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Röki, A Scandinavian-Inspired Adventure Game Heading to PS5

Scandinavian-inspired adventure, Röki, comes to PS5 October 28

Röki is a multi-award winning adventure game inspired by the Scandinavian folklore and is coming Oct 28 to PS5.

Röki is set in the snow-capped wilderness.

Play as Tove, a young girl plunged into a living fairytale. Where you must solve puzzles, collect curiosities, and uncover a tale of tragic loss.

The main quest is for you (Tove) to rescue your brother, Lars, from Röki, a gigantic pitch-black creature with a mysterious smile.

Like the movie, Jaws, this game is named after a monster; although there may be more to Röki than meets the eye.

While playing as Tove, explore the enchanting 3D world, find long-forgotten objects, talk with misunderstood monsters, and solve ancient puzzles to unlock paths deeper into the wilderness. Also, dive into the pages of Tove’s handwritten journal that she scribbles in as you explore, charting her adventure. Her journal also includes notes of folklore, loot, and wilderness “badge” achievements, along with some of Tove’s inner thoughts and reflections.

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