Destiny 2 Festival of The Lost

Hello fellow Destiny 2 guardians! Since one of the best Holidays (Halloween) is just around the corner, The Festival of the Lost is now Live and is free for ALL […]

Next Week on Xbox (Oct 11-15)

In this article we’ll be introducing the upcoming releases for Xbox One, Series X/S and PC. Along with upcoming Game Pass games and soon to be released Indie games on […]

Shenmue Anime Debutes in Japan

Last Friday, on the official website for Shenmue the Animation, Crunchyroll, and Adult swim it was announced that this anime will be debuted in Japan 2022. Crunchyroll will be streaming […]

Animal Crossing Direct

A Nintendo Direct presentation is being dedicated solely to Animal Crossing New Horizons. This news was announced during the Nintendo Direct on Sept 23. When is the Animal Crossing Direct? […]

Fall 2021 Anime

Hello fellow anime fans and anime nerds, thanks to a friend of mine, he decided to do a live stream on Twitch reviewing this year’s fall anime. So I am […]

This Week On Xbox: September 10, 2021

Here we go…the latest episode of This Week On Xbox. Remember, you can watch This Week On Xbox from the Community section of the Xbox One dashboard in Canada, the […]