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Category: Yu-Gi-Oh TCG News

Yu-Gi-Oh, The New Blazing Vortex Deck Pack

On February 5, 2021, the new blazing vortex pack is releasing. With 100 new cards to collect and play. Including the reimagining of Chazz Princeton’s “Armed dragon” from Yu-Gi-Oh GX […]

Yu-Gi-Oh Genesis Impact Deck Pack

On December 4th a brand new Yu-Gi-Oh deck pack will be releasing. This new deck pack will have seven cards per pack and will cost $8.99 per pack. Aleister, Verre, […]

Intro: Everything Yu-Gi-Oh

In this category we’ll be updating all Yu-Gi-Oh fans on all the new card packs coming out. Along with updates on what cards you can and can’t use in the […]