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Neverwinter: Sharandar (Re-Imagined)

Coming February 16 is the return of the magical Feywild in the upcoming mod, Neverwinter: Sharandar. Players on PC will experience a completely re-imagined adventure zone, campaign, story, and social hub. All while venturing back into the mystical land. Enjoy the re-imagined teaser trailer below! The new re-imagined Sharandar is going to have 3 episodes. Explore the darkness that’s crept

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Neverwinter Event: April Fowls Day “A Crow For Help”

Adventurers, Something fowl is happening! Something fowl is taking over Neverwinter and it’s all centered around a poor civilian by the name of Earl. Earl is a Chickenmancer and is cursed with a “Touch of the Chicken”. His ability to turn things into chickens has become hazardous to Neverwinter! So, head to Protector’s Enclave and talk to Earl so you

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