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Google Buys Typhoon Studios

Recently Google had acquired Typhoon Studios, the developer behind the upcoming space exploration game, Journey to the Savage Planet. Typhoon Studios is to join the Stadia games and entertainment team, according to a statement made by jade Raymond, the head of Stadia. Typhoon Studios is based in Montreal and was co-founded by the former Ubisoft Creative Director, Alex Hutchinson along

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Deals with Gold

Note: the following game deals acquires the Xbox Gold subscription! The Surge: Augmented Edition Back in 1995 Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle TerraTech BloodBowl 2: Legendary Edition Bonds of the Skies Stories: The Path of Destinies & Omensight Bundle Super Space Serpent SE Chronus Arc Goosebumps: The Game Inside My Radio Knights of Pen and Paper 2 Deluxiest Edition

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Switch Games Coming this week (12/23-12/27)

Clumsy Rush $4.99 (12/23) Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times $29.99 (12/23) (Pre-Purchase) Princess Maker-Faery Tales Come True $26.99 (12/23) DreamBall $4.99 (12/23) (Pre-Purchase) Demon’s Tilt $17.99 (12/23) Rush Rally 3 $14.99 (12/23) Mushroom Quest $2.99 (12/23) (Pre-Purchase) Crazy Zen Mini Golf $1.99 (12/23) Down the Hell $9.99 (12/23) (Pre-Purchase) Princess Maker Go! Go! Princess $13.99 (12/23) (Pre-Purchase) Sacred Stones

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Games Coming this Week to the Switch

Nintendo Switch players, here are the following games coming this week: Week of 12/17 Duel Brain: $14.99 (Pre-Purchase) 12/19 Kuukiomi: Consider it!: $4.99 12/19 JDM Racing: $3.99 (Pre-Purchase) 12/19 Mirror $9.99 12/19 Melbits World $9.99 12/19 Bayala- The Game $39.99 12/19 60 Parsec! $8.49 12/20 Farabel $4.99 12/20 Next week I’ll let you all know what games are coming to

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The Xbox Series X

Power your Dreams, the next gen of gaming is coming holiday of 2020! We have all known about Microsoft’s next gen Xbox for quite a while. They’ve revealed the official codename, Scarlett, during the 2019 E3 along with some key specs. During this years Game Awards, Microsoft had done something completely unexpected, they showed off their new console, about a

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