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Deals with Gold

Note: the following game deals acquires the Xbox Gold subscription! The Surge: Augmented Edition Back in 1995 Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle TerraTech BloodBowl 2: Legendary Edition Bonds of […]

This Week on Destiny 2

This week Bungie is closing out 2019, it has been quite a year! This week Lord Saladin is holding the first Iron Banner of Season of Dawn. Iron Banner and […]

Switch Games Coming this week (12/23-12/27)

Clumsy Rush $4.99 (12/23) Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times $29.99 (12/23) (Pre-Purchase) Princess Maker-Faery Tales Come True $26.99 (12/23) DreamBall $4.99 (12/23) (Pre-Purchase) Demon’s Tilt $17.99 (12/23) Rush Rally […]

Games Coming this Week to the Switch

Nintendo Switch players, here are the following games coming this week: Week of 12/17 Duel Brain: $14.99 (Pre-Purchase) 12/19 Kuukiomi: Consider it!: $4.99 12/19 JDM Racing: $3.99 (Pre-Purchase) 12/19 Mirror […]

The Xbox Series X

Power your Dreams, the next gen of gaming is coming holiday of 2020! We have all known about Microsoft’s next gen Xbox for quite a while. They’ve revealed the official […]

A New RPG, Dark Alliance

A new D&D RPG game is coming! During the Game Awards, they had announced and shown the premiere teaser trailer for a new D&D action RPG third person game called, […]