Pokémon Go: Team Go Rocket Strange Egg Event

A new type of poke-egg is now on Pokémon Go. Which is only exclusive to Team Go Rocket Leader fights. The strange eggs are now on Pokémon go. And these eggs are property of team go rocket leaders. Spark, team Instinct leader is leading an investigation to learn more about the new 12 km eggs. In this event, it features new shadow Pokémon, a chance … Continue reading Pokémon Go: Team Go Rocket Strange Egg Event

Pokemon Go: Community Day August 2020

Trainers, the August Community Day Pokemon is know for: Leaping over mountains after living for many years Surviving in any body of water no matter how polluted it is Being an easy target for predators Bonus hint: flopping around (LOL) If you guessed Magikarp, you are right! Yaaay! Date & Time Saturday Aug 8, 2020 from 11am to 5pm local time. Features Magikarp appear more … Continue reading Pokemon Go: Community Day August 2020

Pokemon Go Fest 2020

Attention trainers, last year’s Pokemon Go Fest lineup was bigger and better than before, during last year’s summer the Pokemon Go company had held more than one Pokemon Go Fest for the first time. Chicago, Dortmund, and Yokohama had hosted their individual events that had a total of over 600,000 trainers total for the special summer live events. But, this year they’re bringing you trainers … Continue reading Pokemon Go Fest 2020

Pokemon Go Community Day: May 2020

Attention Pokemon Go players, this month’s Community Day event will be on May 24 and will feature the Grass type Pokemon, Seedot. this month’s event will run for 6 hours instead of the three hours, so from 11am to 5pm local time. During that time Seedot will be appearing in the wild more often than he normally does. Players, you’ll have your first chance at … Continue reading Pokemon Go Community Day: May 2020

Pokemon Go Ticky Event

Hello Pokemon trainers! Are you a prankster? Do you like how Foongus tricks pokemon into thinking it’s a poke Ball? Well, during this month Pokemon Go is celebrating Tricky Pokemon with some well-known pranksters and masters of disguise will be making an appearance. This event starts on April 1, at 8am and ends April 7, at 10pm local times. Features: Known prankster pokemon and masters … Continue reading Pokemon Go Ticky Event

Pokemon Go: January Events & Features

With the new year and new month Pokemon Go players can enjoy some new features in game and new events for this month. Features Team Go Rocket Special Research: Activate new special research during this month to help out professor Willow and the team leaders take down the villainous group. Fight against Giovanni to save the legendary pokemon: Shadow Moltres. Unova Nouveau in the New … Continue reading Pokemon Go: January Events & Features